What is Round Table?

Round Table is a worldwide association of like minded guys from 18 – 45 who enjoy living life to the full. We engage in a wide variety of activities and also do our best to contribute to charities and the local community along the way.

Are you a secret society ?

No. We get asked this a lot, with all the other stuff it implies. You have found our website, either through a search engine, word of mouth or our marketing material. We’re out there in the community and open to any man aged 18-45. Contact us, come along to an event and see.

Is it formal?

Some clubs are more formal than others. We don’t wear our suits to go off-roading, but some clubs meet after work so are in work gear, and there are occasional ‘black tie’ dos.

Is it just for professionals? Middle-aged, middle-class businessmen?

We are men aged between 18 and 45, from all sorts of occupations and backgrounds. This is what makes Round Table unique, interesting and fun.

How much does it cost?

For over 25s It works out at £8.29 per month plus the cost of your local activities. For under 25s the first two years of membership are FREE, so only the cost of local activities.

Is Round Table a fundraising organisation?

Fundraising and charity are often a bonus from the events we organise. If they raise a few quid all the better, however it is certainly not the first objective.  The first objective is for members to have fun. The second is bringing together local communities to have fun.

Is Round Table time-consuming?

Round Tables usually meet up twice a month (normally on a week night). It is entirely down to you how much you put in. We all have jobs to go to and family time so we understand priorities.  

Do you have to be invited by a member to join ?

No. Round Table is totally open.  Most people come along for a few weeks to see what it’s like and then they decide to join.


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